How to see your 'Friends Day' video on Facebook

But despite many changes one thing remains the same: it continues to be the social network for staying connected to friends.

When Facebook users across the world logged in to the social network today they were met with a cheesy video wishing them a "Happy Friends Day!"

The video features various photos with friends and Facebook's Reaction buttons that make up a figure that dances in celebration.

On its 13th birthday on Friday - and calling it "Friends Day" - Facebook is launching new products to encourage people to connect with their friends. The video is a compilation of your Facebook friends and the memories you have shared with them.

You may have already seen the Friends Day videos popping up in your news feed showing off your friends and their friends.

The camera zooms in on a select few friends close to a particular user to highlight these friendships. "From all of us at Facebook, we hope you enjoy it", the video message says. "Today, connecting is more important than ever", Facebook said in a statement.

And just like previous year, this week users will begin seeing Friends Day videos, which are a compilation of connections and memories.

In 2016, Facebook setup a similar event and let people share special moments with their friends.

In the past, Friends Day was celebrated on the anniversary of Facebook's founding, February 4, but this year Zuckerberg's team made a decision to release users' videos two days before the site's 13th birthday.


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