Reed: EPA nominee shows Trump seeks to undercut agency

Don Parrish, AFBF's senior director of congressional and regulatory relations told the Washington Post that he believes Pruitt's strengths lie in his past work in state agency.

The recent legislation, put forth by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and three colleagues, all Republicans, would effectively eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for good, and the reasoning behind it is confusing, to say the least.

Senator Brown's decision to oppose Scott Pruitt for the EPA followed Mr. Pruitt's hearing before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee last week.

Reed met with local environmental leaders at the Save the Bay's headquarters to discuss how to protect and restore the environment in Rhode Island. The Trump administration could take a different stance on scaling back on oil and gas wastewater disposal. Vice President Mike Pence is likely to be needed to cast a Senate vote in order to get her confirmed. Monday's letter from former EPA officials recalls a scathing quote from William K. Reilly, who was head of the agency under President George H.W. Bush.

Pruitt is sceptical about the causes and impacts of climate change and has repeatedly sued the EPA in an attempt to overturn a wide range of environmental and climate rules.

More than 90 percent of the people who signed the letter were not political appointees, but long-term career employees who served under multiple administrations, both Republican and Democratic.

"The Institute for Coastal Science and Policy (ICSP), the Coastal Studies Institute (CSI), and the Department of Geology could potentially be impacted by potential changes in extramural funding programs at the EPA", said Scott. Republicans, though, have said Pruitt is well-suited to handle the job. His office issued more than 50 press releases celebrating his lawsuits to overturn EPA standards to limit mercury emissions from power plants, reduce smog levels in cities and regional haze in parks, clean up the Chesapeake Bay and control greenhouse gas emissions.

The group said Pruitt's actions as Oklahoma attorney general "strongly suggest that he does not share the vision or agree with the underlying principles of our environmental laws".

"In the last eight years, there have been a lot of really aggressive regulations and a lot of closed-door meetings with the environmental groups", Warmington said.


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