Trump to take Abe to Florida resort after summit: White House

Trump, who is due to welcome Abe at the White House on Friday, told Westwood One Sports Radio that playing golf was a better way to get to know someone than having lunch.

Japan's trade surplus with the USA fell 4.6 percent in 2016, to about $60.2 billion.

To stop China's aggressive maritime expansion in the East and South China seas, it is essential to keep the Japan-U.S. alliance solid and strong. And just recently, Trump accused Tokyo of using monetary policy to devalue its currency to benefit Japanese exporters.

Abe said last week that he would tell the president that Japanese companies "have contributed to improving the competitiveness and productivity of US manufacturing industries".

It will be fascinating to see how golf comes to define his presidency.

Asked about the USA trade position with Japan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Tokyo's share of America's trade deficit had declined from historic highs and that Japanese firms have invested in the US significantly. The Financial Times reported that Shinzo Abe has called for officials to gather "tweetable" figures on Japanese companies' investment plans that he can then present to the American president when they meet on Friday.

Abe has wasted no time in currying favor with Trump, becoming the first foreign leader to meet with him after his election when Abe visited Trump Tower in Manhattan the week after Trump's victory.

The Japanese display maker Sharp Corp. was also considering building a plant in the USA during the first half of 2017, although Sharp has not confirmed whether the plant will be built. Japan would also help replace as many as 3,000 train and subway cars in the United States, the document said.

Asked in parliament about his plans for talks with Trump, Abe said Japanese companies are making significant contributions to the US economy.

Japan's desire to arrive with gifts appears to be an attempt to counter Trump's repeated criticisms of Japan's currency management and trade practices.

Despite a professed willingness to bolster their own military, the hawkish Abe and his supporters know a U.S. drawdown would badly upend East Asia and leave Japan vulnerable.

Abe will be eager for Trump to repeat assurances that his administration will adhere to Washington's commitment to defend disputed East China Sea islands under Japanese control but claimed also by China.

The outreach to Trump carries risks.

"We hope to have constructive talks in order to seek how we can forge a mutually win-win relationship", Suga said.

"We never know whether Mr. Trump would do some kind of a surprise", Nakabayashi said.


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