ICE Says Arrests in Surge Actions Not Linked to Trump Order

Similar protests broke out in Los Angeles, Austin and Phoenix.

USA and Mexican authorities are pushing back against reports of widespread raids that have sown panic in immigrant communities.

Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, 36, was taken into custody Wednesday after coming to the age 14.

In a statement, ICE said "officers frequently encounter additional suspects who may be in the United States in violation of the federal immigration laws. So essentially, no one is safe; even people who have clear criminal histories".

He continued, "ICE actions like these are beyond reprehensible".

Cox said about 200 people were arrested this week across Georgia, North Carolina and SC, adding that the number of arrests were roughly split between the states.

According to the Mexican Consulate, a total of 44 arrests were made in the last two days. "They're going to a target-rich environment".

A news release from CHIRLA on Thursday said that raids had taken place in Van Nuys, San Bernardino, Downey, Santa Paula, and Oxnard, and that a number of immigrants "have been detained and are being taken to the downtown ICE office".

An ICE official in the Los Angeles office called the raid an "enforcement surge", but maintained that they were routine.

Other immigration activists or lawyers in other cities have also expressed to the press that what's happened this week is of a level of intensity above normal. There are conflicting reports about the number of arrests.

One of those arrested was the father of Marlene Mosqueda.

The city's interim police chief said ICE had not informed him of any changes in operations.

"Our operations are targeted and lead-driven, prioritizing individuals who pose a risk to our communities", Haley said.

Friday, Democrats decried the actions nationwide as needlessly causing fear for immigrant communities.

The raids, which appeared to target scores of undocumented immigrants, including those without criminal records, mark the first largescale episode of immigration enforcement inside the United States since President Trump's January 26 order to crack down on the estimated 11 million immigrants living here illegally.

"We're talking about people who are threats to public safety or a threat to the integrity of the immigration system", she told the newspaper.

"There are reports that ICE today executed raids across Southern California", de Leon said via a written statement obtained by Breitbart California. "I will continue to monitor this situation".

He asked over Twitter for people to send him evidence of ICE raids, referring to them as "Operation Crosscheck", and random paperwork checks.

As a result, protests have already erupted in Texas, New York and Los Angeles in response to what advocates and demonstrators agree is no "routine" ICE operation.

"Angelenos should not have to fear raids that are disruptive to their peace of mind and bring unnecessary anxiety to our homes, schools, and workplaces", Garcetti said.

"The President wants to show off and it appears he has unleashed the Department of Homeland Security to kick-out large numbers of immigrants and anyone they encounter, without much oversight, review or due process", said Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez.


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