Syracuse school board takes stand on Betsy DeVos, Trump immigration policy

He is not concerned that DeVos' stance on school choice will have a negative impact on the district. "I support everyone's right to protest peacefully, but these students should not skip school to do so".

Ms DeVos's poor performance gave plenty of ammunition to those who oppose her on her reform ideas.

"She has never worked in a public school system. She had no earthly idea, other than hearsay, about what public schools are", Green said.

This blindness to the performance of some charter schools is exacerbated by her illiteracy in the terms that measure school success and student achievement. "I think that teachers, especially newer teachers like myself, need to mobilize to resist the growth of charter schools, which often use labor practices that de-professionalize teachers and don't cooperate with unions".

"We see this coalition and strong base of support for public education continuing and expanding in NY state", Korn said. "But I think those of us who really understand and care about science are going to laugh at any attempt to tell us what to do in our classrooms". We'll wait and see on this.

"If the Scholarship Tax Credit initiative passes, individuals and businesses could increase assistance for children to attend the schools and obtain the educational services that best meet their unique needs", she said. Indeed, DeVos' confirmation will have a profound impact on our community through the future generations of Harvard students who will be the product of a public education system she shapes.

The school board's effort follows DeVos' controversial confirmation earlier this week, and President Donald Trump's executive order banning travel among some immigrants. "That is a terrific place to be", Samaha said. On Wednesday, in her first address as secretary, DeVos offered vague but conciliatory remarks to a room full of federal Department of Education employees.

While she said she is outraged by the confirmation of DeVos, Sojewicz said the Syracuse City School District will continue to advocate for children in the district, regardless of the federal government's stance on public education.

Workshop student Kelly Hoffer said she views education as a basic human right, and she is not convinced DeVos would look out for the best interests of disenfranchised students. She says her larger goal is to "advance God's kingdom", which is an interesting take on a philosophy that critics say hurts disadvantaged kids.

Locally, state legislators have proposed legislation to arm teachers and administrators with guns during this year's legislative session. Students are facing enormous challenges today, and we must do more to increase access to quality, and affordable higher education options.

"This is a sad day for anyone who cares about public education in America".

"I believe in public schools", Stanley said.

Parents and teachers alike are nervous about the fate of public education under the Trump administration, and with good reason. "If we can't figure out a way to make our schools safe without putting them in that position, then there are much bigger issues". Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., DeVos said she would "review" rather than uphold that rule. Lamar Alexander, the chairman of the Education Committee. As identity politics and critical theory have spread from the universities downward into high schools and beyond, the party line in education has grown more progressive but increasingly illiberal.


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