What is the #ShePersisted social media movement?

That sent Republicans up in arms, saying that she had broken Senate rules against impugning another senator. Speaking about Warren, McConnell said: "She was warned".

It's that last part that quickly caught fire on social media, nearly immediately trending as #ShePersisted as soon as the words were public.

The Senate, along party lines, voted to cut Warren off while she was reading aloud a letter critical of Sessions written by King, the widow of Martin Luther King, Jr. Jeff Sessions becoming USA attorney general, he was confirmed Wednesday evening. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., over her criticisms of Sen. So they began blasting his own words in a hashtag - #ShePersisted - by citing other women, from Harriet Tubman to Leia Organa (from Star Wars), who resisted oppression.

Daines went on to say that the letter and Warren's reading of it was not necessarily what he had been talking about when he reminded her of the Senate rule.

"Mr. Sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens", King wrote, referencing controversial prosecutions at the time that Sessions served as the USA attorney for Alabama.

Warren read the letter outside the Senate chamber on Facebook Live, and the video now has over 9 million views.

Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) - the man whose reputation McConnell was trying to protect by silencing Warren on Tuesday - has been consistently attacked by progressives for impeding black voting rights, a centerpiece of King's work. Elizabeth Warren, there was an nearly immediate pushback.

By both censoring and censuring Elizabeth Warren, the Republicans in the Senate are attempting to normalize the intolerable record of Sessions' racist past.

Following the formal call to order, Warren was barred from speaking again during the debate on the nominee. "I thought Coretta Scott King's letter to the United States Senate about that was absolutely relevant", she said. "This had to do with her constitutional duty to provide advice and consent", Booker said, according to The Hill. "I have become a nonperson during the discussion of Jeff Sessions", she explained. Jeff Sessions' nomination as attorney general.

"The senator has impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama", McConnell said.


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