Education secretary Betsy DeVos physically blocked from entering public school by protesters

DeVos eventually returned to the school and entered to speak with teachers and the school principal. And getting onto a local school board gives everyday people the opportunity to fight for the children in their districts, learn what needs to be done to make sure they have quality experiences at school, and advocate for them at home. "We will work with anybody when it comes to what's best for kids".

Today DeVos was denied access to a Washington, D.C. school by protestors, prompting her to turn away and leave. No school door in America will be blocked from those seeking to help our nation's school children, ' she added.

One of the most consequential departments in the federal government is now run by one of the most debated members of President Trump's Cabinet.

During DeVos' confirmation process, many questioned her support for public schools. She's been one of my biggest supporters since day one.

Though it sounds like a metaphor for her confirmation, it's true: DeVos ultimately entered the school through a different door, and the reception inside wasn't much warmer. The vice president of the organization, James Franko, said, "I think so long that we have the U.S. Department of Education, someone like Betsy DeVos is going to focus on individual students, rather than institutions. a good thing".

Betsy Devos: "Well, I will refer back to Senator Enzi and the school that he was talking about in wapiti, Wyoming".

What I heard during DeVos' hearing was deeply troubling, and bipartisan agreement on that has grown. There was enough concern about that among senators that 50 of them voted against her.

It is true that DeVos is a proponent of school choice.

Signs promoted public schools.

Unqualified New York City Schools Chancellor Cathie Black lasted just over three months.

. They viciously smeared her as an ignorant, out-of-touch billionaire bigot.

"We want to share the message that we love our public school system, " union president Elizabeth Davis told reporters outside Jefferson. He rightly pointed out that DeVos' attitudes will be particularly hard on rural schools.

For the goal of full disclosure, I am a Maine public school teacher, and I care deeply about the communities in which I live and teach.


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