46% of Couples Are Netflix Cheating With These 7 Shows, Study Reveals

Do you turn off the TV and stay faithful to your partner, or do you Netflix cheat?

More than 46 per cent of couples around the world confess to watching shows on Netflix without their partner, even after agreeing to gorge on a series together, with men being slightly more likely to cheat on their partner than women.

According to tech website c|net, Netflix cheating isn't quite as bad as cheating during marriage, which the website says is around an eye-popping 40 percent, but for some, the act of Netflix cheating is worse. Like clockwork you both spend Saturday morning in bed binge-watching the latest season of 'Stranger Things, ' and have an agreement that neither one of you will jump ahead of the other. That's around three times the amount that admitted to Netflix cheating just four years ago. Most people said that they didn't plan to cheat - it just happens as 83% of cheating in the Asia-Pacific Region is unplanned with major triggers including "shows are just so good we can't stop bingeing" (60%).

At least the next time you flip open your computer and find your Netflix viewing history is inaccurate, you'll know you're among the masses.

72 percent of Brits have admitted that they have no self-control and can't resist the temptation to Netflix cheat - according to a Netflix survey of 30,267 people. So unsurprisingly, 61 percent of the couples cheat on comedy shows - higher than the global average of 44 percent.

Never mind Netflix and chill, Brits are all about Netflix and cheat. The most loyal Netflix viewers can be found in Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

Netflix says most TV watchers are not planning to cheat; about 80 percent of it is unplanned.


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