Google adds shareable list feature to Maps app

Users launch Google Maps when traveling to a new place for directions, but they can now also use the app to mark places they want to visit down the road when on the road.

This feature was previously limited to Google Maps Local Guides who could create lists of their favorite places in their city as a guide to other looking for places to go. However, getting the full experience of browsing a saved list offline requires you to download the offline maps of that particular area.

Users can also share their saved lists with friends and family via email, text, or other apps by clicking on the "share" button associated with the specific list. Assuming you don't delete them immediately, you can put frequent destinations into Favorites, places of note in Starred and bucket list items in "Want to go".

Google Maps' new feature called Lists is here. You can search for lists on the web, but won't be able to make lists there until a later update. I'm thinking lists like, "New Beer Spots" or "Burger Places in NYC I Need to Visit That May Leave Me in a Coma".

You can share various lists too with a lot of ease, whether you want to share via messaging apps, social networks or emails. First we got in-app Uber hailing, then a parking availability feature that helped us plan ahead for places that don't have dedicated spaces. You can even follow (or be followed by) strangers, provided you set the lists to "public".

The app will also have social components, entering into the territory of Foursquare.

This means that if you're ever at a loss for the best coffee shop or pizza restaurant, Google Maps will be there to provide options. The update was extended to both the Android and iOS platforms today. All your lists and saved locations will be accessible on Google Maps on mobile and on desktop, however. For casual users, Maps may now be all that's needed to keep track of future destinations, continuing its evolution beyond pure mapping.


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