Leslie Jones Auditions to be Alec Baldwin's Trump Understudy on SNL

The moment that Alec Baldwin was announced as the host for this weekend's new episode of "Saturday Night Live", you knew that there was a PRETTY good chance that there would be a Donald Trump cold open.

The story featured photos of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and what was meant to be Trump but was instead Baldwin. Although AP correctly identified the photo as Baldwin, the newspaper's staff did not notice and thought it was of Trump.

"El Nacional apologizes to its readers and anyone who felt affect by the publication", the statement said.

And despite the actor's impersonation sufficiently convincing the Dominican newspaper, Mr Trump has been less than impressed, scolding Baldwin and saying the frequent Saturday Night Live impersonations of him "stink". The last time the show saw a viewership that large was in 2010 when actress Betty White hosted and Jay-Z performed as the show's musical guest, according to the Huffington Post.

Facing off against the "so-called" judges - swiping at the president's actual statement against U.S. District Judge James Robart, who suspended Trump's immigration ban on February 4 - Baldwin-as-Trump also brought out a character witness: Russian President Vladimir Putin, shirtless, played by Beck Bennett.

So. why? Because late-night TV has become the fifth column of the Trump "oppo", and whether you like his performance or not (whether Trump does or not) Baldwin is the leading the charge.

"Totally biased, not amusing and the Baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse". Smiling when asked what has changed over the years, Baldwin said, "We have three children, so I am exhausted". Jones proceeds to demolish his office while yelling about how she "got range", and security escorts her out quickly enough for Jones to see Bayer walk in for her own Trump audition.

Referencing Trump's "extreme vetting", McCarthy said: "Spicy's gonna explain it so you dumb babies can understand it, so I guess I can't use my big words". As a character witness, Trump called Vladimir Putin to the stand.

"He's my little American Happy Meal". "Give me one day where I don't see something on CNN that scares the hell out of me!"


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