National Football League warns Seahawks for not listing Richard Sherman on injury report

As expected, the Seattle Seahawks received a slap on the wrist from the National Football League office for mishandling their weekly injury report last season.

After the team's Divisional round loss to the Atlanta Falcons, the Seahawks revealed that Sherman played through a knee injury, and it was the team's decision to not disclose the information. That penalty was handed out last September.

Seattle previously was stripped of its fifth-round pick in the upcoming National Football League draft for violating contact rules on offseason workouts.

The NFL's rule says, "If any player has a significant or noteworthy injury, it must be listed on the practice report, even if he fully participates in practice and the team expects that he will play in the team's next game".

Carroll made the revelation as he tried to explain what he thought was causing some of Sherman's uncharacteristic behavior this season, including two sideline outbursts and an increasingly testy relationship with reporters, saying that playing through the injury had led to some frustration. It's simply a matter of teams being transparent with other teams, as well as sportsbooks when it comes to gambling.

"I'm feeling like I screwed that up with not telling you that", Carroll said in a January news conference. "He never missed anything, I guess, is probably why". I don't know. He was fine about it. Same with Russell [Wilson], he was fine about it. Still, it was not reported by the team.


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