HTC is launching a mobile VR device this year

Created to be used in conjunction with its brand new flagship smartphone HTC U Ultra, the VR headset will have mobile at its heart and be a challenger for those products at the cheaper end of the market. However, HTC's offering won't be a simple case of slapping a smartphone into a headset, instead it will be a new spin on the mobile VR concept, which we will be seeing later this year. It's not going to be a true Vive successor, and it's not going to be a "copycat" device, which means it's not going to be HTC's take on the Google Daydream View or Samsung Gear VR.

Chang added that the mystery VR device will launch before the end of the year. Chang said that HTC plans to fill the gap between solutions like the Gear VR and PC-based systems. As for Justin's current device rotation, he carries around the Google Pixel and Nexus 9.

Not content with its role in the high-end VR market, it appears that HTC will attempt to break into the low-end as well. Stephanie Llamas, analyst at SuperData Research, said in a statement that the Vive has pulled into the lead in the market so far.

"In a recent interview, Chialin Chang was referencing the idea that there are different ways to approach VR that span the full spectrum from truly mobile 360 to immersive room-scale like the Vive, and everything in between", the company's Patrick Seybold told us. "As HTC, we're better prepared than most companies to reach that full spectrum". If the words of Chang are to be treated as gospel, HTC's next headset won't have that same issue. Part of that has been in the continuing evolution of its Vive headset, but also it seems in the creation of a new, mobile-focused headset.

Today HTC confirmed that its next virtual reality product would be a mobile headset of sorts.


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