Lamborghini recall includes ultra-rare Veneo coupe and roadster

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration submitted a safety recall report for the iconic carmaker's Aventador and Veneno models on February 3.

Lamborghini issued a recall covering 1,453 examples of the 2012-2017 Aventador. Apparently, a full fuel tank might cause liquid fuel to enter the emission system's carbon canister, which catches fuel that would have evaporated into the atmosphere.

Lamborghini goes on to say that the risk is increased when practices like revving in park are done and general asshat behavior takes place (we paraphrased that last bit). The Veneno has been recalled, too, because it shares the affected parts.

If you're a Lamborghini Veneno owner, you're going to want to read this. This is worsened in case of winter fuel usage.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fuel vapors from a fully topped-off tank could collect around the Aventador's exhaust system, increasing the likelihood of a fire. All owners of vehicles affected will be notified by certified mail and should expect to meet with their local dealership in the near future. This fault can cause fuel vapors not to be properly treated, which, combined with "particular maneuvers", can cause the vapors to come into contact with hot gasses and lead to a fire. The EVAP system will then be upgraded free of charge.

Other limited edition models covered by the recall include the Aventador Anniversario (100 units) and the Miura Homage (50 units).


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