Officials take down drug catapult at Arizona-Mexico border

The device was discovered last week, southeast of Tucson, Arizona, when agents spotted a group of men scattering as they approached.

Mexican drug smugglers have turned to propelling their products across the border into the USA, but will these devices be able to surmount Pres. Trump's planned border wall?

Border Patrol agents in Arizona thwarted some drug smugglers and dismantled a drug catapult used to launch marijuana into the United States from Mexico. They searched the area and located two bundles of marijuana. Instead, they just installed a catapult to fling bundles of marijuana over the fence and into the United States, officials say. Border Patrol agents dismantled the catapult system.

The catapult was dismantled, but it remains to be seen whether more such devices will be used to get drugs into the USA from Mexico.

Federal authorities say smugglers have gone to great measures to sneak drugs in to the country in recent years, employing catapults like the one found last week, as well as air-powered cannons, ramps and ultralight aircraft.


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