Rauner Delivers Budget Address Today

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner will deliver his budget address to lawmakers today at noon. "That's the key. We need to grow our economy, get more good-paying jobs in IL and that's what were striving to achieve by changing our system".

Rauner praised leaders in the General Assembly for accepting that the state must adopt pro-growth policies that will create jobs.

"We can find a way to balance the budget without hurting low-income families and fixed-income seniors".

Rauner told lawmakers that term limits would be "one of the most important things we can do to send a positive recruiting message to job creators: "it's a new day in IL, we've turned the corner".

"As we explain in our opposition, federal and state law requirements support continuing the court's July 2015 order that would ensure that state employees receive the paychecks they have earned", said Dennis Murashko, general counsel to the governor.

Taxing retirement income is not in the current Senate plan, but has been floated by some outside groups pushing for tax hikes to help get a balanced budget and ending the nation's longest state-budget stalemate since World War II.

The millionaire's tax did not receive enough votes when it was pushed past year and would not take effect until 2019 at the earliest.

Rauner said a permanent statewide property tax freeze like one that passed the House in the final days of session last month, not the temporary two-year freeze now being considered, is needed.


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