Greg Maddux Pranks Cubs' Kris Bryant

Bryant was eventually convinced and Maddux, who won four consecutive NL Cy Youngs and 18 Gold Glove Awards, began throwing BP. The thing about this sound guy, though, was that he was four-time Cy Young victor with 355 wins to his name. The scraggly-looking staffer requested it be made out to "Greg Maddux'" prompting Bryant to flip the bat in disbelief. While Bryant took batting practice, Maddux offered some tips. He at first said no, but then agreed to give him a try.

Watching Bryant trying to understand how the sound guy could be so good as a pitcher was hilarious, especially when he couldn't handle the Maddux curveball.

That's right, the sound guy was Maddux, who surprised Bryant with an array of breaking balls and a competitive fire saved for someone with the nickname "Mad Dog".

"Don't hit me", said Bryant. Little did Bryant know the staffer was HOF pitcher Greg Maddux in disguise.

Maddox was in full makeup and needled at Bryant about his swing and when the batting practice pitcher got called away the "Sound Guy" stepped in.


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