Striking immigrants do extra work to keep cafe open

We found a restaurant in Houston closed today for #ADayWithoutImmigrants protest, Pollo Bravo off Richmond.

In US cities from Washington DC to the east to Los Angeles to the west, from Austin, Texas to the south to Minneapolis in the north, thousands of businesses have closed their doors to support those going on strike Thursday.

Today was billed as a nationwide day of protest, a "Day Without Immigrants," for immigrants to show their numbers and their importance to the American economy.

"As the products of hard working Oaxacan immigrants, we will stand in solidarity with the entirety of the immigrant population of the US". Eloi Reyes, who immigrated from Mexico, took the day off from his job in lighting to join in the action even though he knows it may threaten his job. "They are the heart and soul of our business and we fully support them in expressing their right to fight back", the statement read. A rep for Blue Ribbon writes to say Eric and Bruce Bromberg will shut down the majority of their New York City restaurants tomorrow, too, including Blue Ribbon Brasserie and Blue Ribbon Sushi.

They did so out of solidarity with the largely low-earning people who staff them or because not enough workers turned up - all part of a nationwide protest called "A Day Without Immigrants", created to show how important they are to the U.S. economy.

The movement's primary action for is to close stores and restaurants, but in Philadelphia, a rally highlighting immigrants' contributions to the local economy will also take place.

- A Day without Immigrants is a response to the president's immigration policies.

The owners of the Sonora Grill on Lake Street in Minneapolis said they decided after talking with employees that they should close for the strike. Others plan to pay employees whether they show up to work or not.

The nature of the action made it hard to ascertain how many immigrants were participating or to measure the economic impact, though local news media in cities like Minneapolis and Austin, Texas, reported that dozens of businesses were shuttered.

Busboys & Poets and more than a dozen other restaurants in the nation's capital announced closings.


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