Trump ally to review intelligence agencies

Amid an ongoing tussle with spy agencies over leaks regarding contacts with Russia, US President Donald Trump is reportedly looking into tapping a Jewish billionaire from the world of finance to lead a broad review of intelligence services.

The story alleged some in the intelligence community are too concerned with the White House ties to Russian Federation, a claim that is unproven despite rigorous investigation.

Scuttlebutt is circulating around Washington that Trump is going to approach NY billionaire Stephen Feinberg to oversee a total review of USA intelligence agencies in what critics and intelligence officials are both calling an attempt "to curtailtheir independence and reduce the flow of information that contradicts the president's worldview".

The latest tweet follows a pattern of social media messages that Trump has sent, chastising news organisations both during his campaign for the White House and in the more than three weeks since his inauguration.

Once Trump officials are in place and assert control over national security agencies, acting officials named by the Obama administration can be reassigned.

But the WSJ's sources claim that the USA intelligence community continues to maintain that Trump won the election with the help of Russian interference and that his administration is compromised by his relationship with the country. Former senior intelligence officials say his appointment is causing consternation inside the intelligence agencies.

The White House, however, is denying it all.

Rather than address these concerns, Trump has dodged reporters, tweeted his ire, and, during a press conference Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called the dissemination of such information to the media a "criminal act".

According to Trump, the "real scandal" was that "so many illegal leaks [were] coming out Washington". Congressional Democrats have said there should be an investigation into Flynn and the Trump's administration's connection to Russian Federation.

As president-elect in December, Trump commented that he did not need daily intelligence briefings and dismissed them as monotonous.

According to Schindler, the leaks by the intelligence community were not the problem but Trump's "collusion with Russian intelligence".


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