Whoopi Stands Up for Tiffany Trump

On The View side of things, Whoopi found it in her heart to take up for the style connoisseur, saying she plans to sit next to her during upcoming shows.

"Thank you Whoopi Goldberg I'd love to sit with you too!" "Because nobody's talking politics". You're buying stuff. This girl is looking at fashion, and she's just looking at fashion. "She doesn't want to talk about her dad - she's looking at the fashion!" "She's looking at fashion", Goldberg emphasized in a video clip tweeted by The View.

She adds: "But I don't think Tiffany really noticed that, because she was active with her friends and the photographers". "As you say, America first, when is that going to kick in with you all?!"

Tiffany Trump is being shunned at NYFW (Photo: Johns PKI / Splash News).

Though there is at least one person who's willing to be seen with Tiffany, as Whoopi Goldberg offered to be her seatmate in the future. POTUS slammed the company via Twitter and his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway urged people to "go buy Ivanka's stuff!" on live TV.

According involved with the show, Trump wasn't technically invited, so her arrival - with Secret Service in tow - wasn't ideal, but Plein approved it at the last minute; so there Tiffany sat, front and center.

Binkley says that if she had known that her tweets would gain traction after posting, she would have followed up sooner on what happened after the show. "There is a difference", Goldberg said.

A group of fashion magazine editors, including Elle's Nikki Ogunnaike, were reported to have protested when they realized the seating arrangement.

"I mean can you blame someone, like a family member, can you blame a daughter for having... a father who has the wrong political direction", the German designer told TMZ. "I think that's so bad".

Trump, 23, responded to the talk show host's invitation tweeting that she would gladly accept.


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